Baby’s been swaddled all night, but it’s his morning routine that’s gaining all the attention

Little Kaden is only five months old but he’s already a budding Internet superstar! Besides the fact that Kaden is an adorable baby boy, he also has a morning habit that is melting the hearts of viewers all over the country. It all starts when Kaden’s dad, Kent, wakes him up in the morning!

After a big smile and greeting from Dad, Kaden gets ready to stretch his arms! As soon as Kent unswaddles his precious baby boy, Kaden’s arms shoot right up into the air as if to say, “Get ready world, I’m awake and excited to tackle the day!” Not only does Kaden’s arms burst into the sky, but he has a giant grin to go with it!
Most babies are grouchy and sleepy in the morning, but not Kaden! His contagious attitude has Dad laughing and everyone else online ready to act the same way when they wake up. Hopefully Kaden’s cheery morning demeanor lasts through the years and he’s able to maintain the “morning person” outlook as an adult! Mom has assured that Kaden loves being swaddled and in fact has helped him greatly as he has a strong startle reflex. As soon as she started swaddling him he started sleeping much better. Take a peek at Kaden’s heartwarming morning routine for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. We should all act as happy as Kaden when we wake up!