Because of one facebook posts this family lost EVERYTHING

In modern times, sharing too much information across the internet can often be risky. Though people know not to share personal information on random websites, many people think that Facebook is trustworthy enough to conduct business transactions. Sadly, one young British couple lost everything they owned due to a Facebook scam.




Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk, who were the proud parents of a young baby, had decided to move to a home closer to Mark’s work, so they started looking for a good moving company. Becky found a company profile on Facebook for a moving company owned by someone named Lee Green. After speaking with Lee Green and looking at his professional website, Becky ended up hiring his company to help her family move. The movers seemed efficient and hardworking when they arrived promptly on time and managed to pack up all of the couple’s belongings in just under an hour.





The movers were supposed to meet Mark and Becky at a pub restaurant that the couple had just opened, they never showed up. Almost everything that the couple owned was stolen by the scam moving company, and police have not been able to track down the man calling himself Lee Green. They have received financial help from strangers who were touched by their story, but Mark and Becky have lost sentimental items that can never be replaced. This sad story illustrates just how risky hiring people online may be, so it is always important to thoroughly research any businesses that you find online.