Celebrity Sees Kids Selling A Box Of Puppies. The Question He Asked Them Took Them All By Surprise

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan can play tough guy roles, but it turns out he’s a total softie. Case in point, he loves animals, so when Jeffrey, best known for his roles on Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead, happened upon a box of puppies some kids were selling in Venice Beach, California, it didn’t take much to persuade him into helping out.

In the box were three litters of puppies being sold for $350 each, according to PawMyGosh. The puppies were not, unfortunately, all healthy.

Jeffrey wanted to help and decided that he would take the sickest puppy in the bunch so that he could help give it a healthier life. He offered the kids $20 for the dog, who was so tiny, she needed to be bottle fed initially.

Jeffrey told Hudson Valley News Network: “I rescued her on the Venice boardwalk. Some kids were selling three litters of puppies and I dug through the box and there was one, that, she was maybe four inches long, and I was like, I want to take that one that’s not going to make it through the day. I bottle-fed her for about a month.”

The puppy, who he named “Bisou,” which means “kiss”, for the way she would “kiss her way around” the bottle when he would feed her, ended up thriving. Jeffrey and Bisou formed a lifelong friendship that lasted 17 years until she passed away in 2015.

He told Hudson Valley News Network in 2017: “She was a dog that I got 19 years ago, that I rescued. It’s going to make me tear up, I suck!” Though it was two years after she had passed away, Jeffrey found himself choked up, noting, “A dog that I got 19 years ago, I can’t even talk about her.”

In memory of his sweet four-legged friend, he got a tattoo of her name on his forearm. He explained: “Two days after she passed I had her name tattooed on my arm. But oh, my god I miss her, I miss her so much.”

Among the many fans who commented on the interview were those who were blown away by Jeffrey’s sensitivity, with remarks like: “This guy and his puppy. That’s love” and “OMG I just love him!!! Anyone that loves their animals like we do… Hard to picture Negan welling up because of his departed doggie!!”

Another commenter noted: “It breaks my heart when he says ‘I cant do it, I cant even talk about her…’ Jeffiee you are a man with a big heart, I’ll give you a hug.”

One person comments on how Jeffrey is “the real deal,” sharing: “a huge heart unafraid to be vulnerable and raw about love. The contrast is that it sits in a such a package of dedicated talent AND brazen humor. What a great interview…he’s authentic!

Another fan shared their own dog story, noting: “That is so sweet. My Rottweiler Tequila was the runt in a litter of all males who wouldn’t let her feed. I had to bottle feed her too. Now she is my big 9 year old baby. You go, Jeffrey.”