Dad Dies Before The Wedding – Then A Voice In The Church Tells Bride To Turn Around

Weddings are a special time because it is the commemoration of two people who are making a promise to spend the rest of their lives together. It is also special because friends and family can come together to recognize the union between two people. From wedding toasts to the tossing of the bouquet, there are many traditions and superstitions that are related to marriage.

One that is commonly known is the father walking the daughter down the aisle as well as having the first dance.

It is symbolic in that it is the gifting or release of a father’s daughter to another person. But for one woman, her father’s sudden death made it impossible to have this dance.

Andrea was set to celebrate her big day when she was going to tie the knot with her soon-to-be husband.


She was looking forward to having the father-daughter dance with her dad but her father, Mark, passed away earlier that year from pancreatic cancer.


Andrea was really looking forward to not only the Father and Daughter dance but also to have Mark walk her to the altar.


Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate in reference to all other major cancers. Approximately 91 percent of all pancreatic cancer patients die within five years of their diagnosis.


Pancreatic cancer has such a high mortality rate in part due to the fact that it spreads extremely rapidly to nearby organs.


Moreover, it is hard to detect in its early stages thus it is hard to attack early on. Some forms of treatment include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these (just to name a few).


Nearly three-quarters of those patient die within the first year and only about 9 percent live past five years.


 The pancreas is used to release enzymes that help digestion and hormones that help regulate one’s blood sugar level.


Pancreatic cancer originates in the tissues of the pancreas which is an organ located in the abdomen that lies horizontally behind the lower portion of the stomach.


As the dance was about to commence, many thought that Andrea would share the dance with her oldest brother, but instead, he decided to surprise her with a special announcement.


He said that the wedding was ‘missing someone very special’ and before he could continue on with his short speech he had to regain his composure and wipe away the tears.


He continued on by saying that he wanted to do ‘something special for Andrea and dad today, knowing that dad would be elated to be here.’

18 Andrea’s brother decided to surprise her by singing the song ‘Butterfly Kisses’ while her family members and friends took turns dancing with her.


The entire family was stricken with grief due to the passing of Mark but it is safe to say that many were happy that Andrea could still get her dance.


During the Father and Daughter dance, Andrea danced first with her grandfather, Mark’s father, then with her brother Luke, followed by another brother Nick and then Scott, her father-in-law.


Despite the grief and sadness that the family had to go through, I am glad that Andrea still got to have her special dance and that the family could still celebrate Andrea’s big day.