GPS leads driver down dirt path, but he has no idea he’s heading straight for a river


Nowadays, we rely on technology for all kinds of tasks. Communicating is much easier and faster now, but it doesn’t stop there. Finding information and doing research are much more organized and efficient nowadays. We can even play games to entertain ourselves when all else fails!

What I love the most about technology is that I can always find my way home if I get lost. Using an interactive map on my phone couldn’t be easier. I can also navigate areas I’m unfamiliar with, so I can discover some neighborhoods without worrying about transportation!

Unfortunately, technology isn’t always reliable, as one man in China recently discovered. He was using a GPS navigation system while driving and was unpleasantly surprised when his GPS led him straight into a river.

The machine told him to drive down a dirt path, but he claims he didn’t know where it would take him.

Luckily, the man wasn’t hurt in the incident. It took about half a day for authorities to rescue him from the watery trap, requiring a truck and bulldozer to get the job done.

What an adventure! This is certainly a story he’ll be telling for years to come.

Has your GPS ever led you in the wrong direction? Did you end up somewhere strange or unexpected? Let us know in the comments!

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