Here are 10 everyday things we do—that we never knew we were woing wrong!


I didn’t know beer bottles should be held that way!

We have been doing dozens of things every day like brushing our teeth, taking a bath, drinking a glass of water, and so on. But can you believe that we have been doing some of these things wrong from the get-go?

We often learn to do things by seeing our parents, or other people do it. With that at hand, one thing is passed on to the next generation, after learning from the previous one. Ultimately, we believe that what we have learned is the correct way of doing things. But what if it was all wrong from the get-go?

These everyday things are so simple that we never stopped and thought about how things are done the right way. Right now, I am suspended somewhere between shock and disbelief. As it turns out, we have been approaching life in so many wrong ways—and it is time to learn how to do it right!