Mom Lost Daughter In Tragic Accident, Then She Finds Letters She Left Behind In Her Room

Few bonds in life are as strong as that between a mother and her daughter. Cindy and her daughter Macy were no exception. They were more than just mother and child; they were best friends. They delighted in each other’s company, and anyone could see that it would be very hard to separate them. This is why when Macy died in a tragic car crash, her mother was shattered. The woman was inconsolable, and she mourned her daughter deeply. Days after her funeral she would think of the times they spent together and her eyes would well up with fresh tears.

Macy had been a typical teenager; she had a boyfriend and her own group of friends, and she rarely spent time with family. One thing was clear, however; she had a strong bond with her mother. The two would be found doing things together; cooking or even taking selfies.

One day, the family received terrible news that Macy had died in a car crash. Her mother retreated as she tried to comprehend the magnitude of her loss but she just couldn’t. She cried for her daughter, knowing that she would never see her again and even though she would be in her memory, she would never get to hold her again and take those selfies.

Months after her burial, Cindy found a bunch of letters addressed to her. She sat down to read them, and when she opened the first, she realized that they had been written by Macy a year before her death. The girl had written them at different times in her life such as when she was happy, when she was scared and when she couldn’t sleep. Cindy read them tearfully, and fresh memories of her beloved daughter came alive again.

As she went through the letters, one caught her attention. It was written ‘open when you miss me.’ The anxious mother peeled back the envelope and started reading.
It started with a greeting and an apology for whatever circumstance that made her mother miss her. She expressed concern for her mother’s well-being and said that she missed her too. Macy went ahead to admit that she hated being away from their house because she got homesick really fast.

The girl went ahead to recount how she missed her mom when she was little. She said that when she had lived with her father, she would look forward to seeing her mom again soon. She had thought that it was because of the nice food she had kept in her house but later realized that she had just missed her. Macy then reminded her mother that she would love her forever, and thanked her for everything she had done for her.

Cindy wept for a few minutes, then a realization hit her; this letter had given her the closure she had so much longed for. She was now ready to let her daughter go. The mother took to Facebook where she expressed just how much she had missed her daughter. She poured out her thoughts there, hoping that somehow her daughter could come across them.

It was almost as if Macy had seen her death coming. She probably knew that her mom would need that letter sometime later. May she rest in peace.