New York Police Officer Samantha Sepulveda Strips Down in Raunchy Photo Shoot (25 Pics)

Meet Miss Samantha Sepulveda, a current New York police officer who decided to be a part time model so she could flaunt her wonderful body parts for us men to drool over. It’s quite obvious that she has a sexy, voluptuous booty, but let’s not forget about her ridiculously large pair of “knockers” as well. Can you imagine driving down a bumpy road purposely just to watch them jiggle? Or watching her booty jiggle up and down on a treadmill in tight clothes? We can hear the deep sighs now, let’s just hope in the near future she’s on live television and has some sort of wardrobe malfunction (where both her top and bottom accidentally slips off). Here we have included 25 photos of Samantha’s “melons” and “assets” absolutely pouring out of her top and bottom – guaranteed to make your knees weak while you keep begging for more. You will not believe what she exposes on #21!

1. She’s A Police Officer In Freeport, Long Island

By day, Samantha Sepulveda is just one of thousands of law enforcement officers across the country. She works in Freeport, Long Island, but doesn’t want to reveal the exact name of the station. Fair enough – with her looks, she’d probably attract criminals instead of deter them.

2. And She Moonlights As A Lingerie Model

When Sepulveda steps out of the uniform, she doesn’t put much else on. Off duty, she’s a lingerie and swimsuit model, outshining the sun with her killer curves and tanned body. One look at the photos and you can see how much heat she’s really packing.

3. She’s Been Doing It For Years

Since 2013, to be precise. Although she’s earning roughly $140,000 per year as a cop (where do we sign up?), she needed to do something else. Many of her male colleagues do side gigs as plumbers or electricians. Her talents were a little more natural.

4. Her Friend Asked Her To

Sepulveda didn’t consider modeling at first, but her friend talked her into it four years ago. You know those friends who keep telling you how hot you are? That babe, you should like totally be a model or like something? This is what happens when you listen to them.

5. So Attractive That Suspects Come Along Willingly

So how hot is Samantha Sepulveda? Well, so gorgeous that the criminals are lining up to be arrested. Often, she says, she is more effective than the male cops since she can “talk them into the cuffs”. Now, when you put it like that…

6. She Caught One Guy With The Power Of Her Beauty

No joke. One day on patrol, she joined the pursuit of a convicted wife-beater. Although he had threatened to kill the other policemen chasing him, the man saw Sepulveda and her lovely face and stopped dead in his tracks. He didn’t resist arrest.

7. Her Instagram Account Had 110,000 Followers

Even without much publicity, over the first three years of her career she managed to rack up an insane 110,000 followers. The selfie queen lured everyone in with her sultry beach shots and well-filled evening wear.

8. A Few Fitness Magazines Covered Her

Before she blew up, there was a little interest from the glossies. Muscle and Fitness covered her in 2014, as did Inside Fitness a year later. Sepulveda also tried to pitch a reality TV show called America’s Next Great Trainer, but was ultimately unsuccessful. They probably wouldn’t turn her down now.

9. Now She Has Over Double The Followers

110,000? Pfff.. that’s peanuts. After appearing in the New York Post early this year, the world has gone wild for Samantha Sepulveda. Within a month, her crowd of followers on Instagram have more than doubled. And this is one publicity streak that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

10. She’s Now Modeling All Over The World

11. She’s 32 Years Old

Most models get into the business young, either being discovered by talent agents or pushed into it by very eager parents. Sepulveda is an outlier, having really only got into the business when she was 29. In a way, it makes her more down-to-earth and not as industry obsessed, and develop passions besides just looking fab.

12. On The Force Since 2010

For seven whole years she’s been a cop. She’s no grizzled veteran from The Wire, but then again that’s plenty of time to see the best and worst parts of the job. And after all this time, she still loves doing it.

13. Born In The Dominican Republic

Now do you understand where she gets those looks from? Until the age of five, she actually lived in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Her mother and older sister moved to the U.S. with her in the late 1980s, and settled into life at Long Beach, NY.

14. At First She Wanted To Be In The FBI

Okay, so not that much of an incredible insight into her life. Thanks to The X-Files, pretty much everyone in the world wanted to be in the FBI when they were young. Although given the head-rolling, finger-pointing, and bureaucratic backstabbing going on over there, it’s not looking like such an attractive employment option right now.

15. She’s Also An Athlete

While her birthplace might explain that wonderful complexion and beautiful features, how did she get such a killer body? Well, it turns out she’s also a gifted athlete. Through lacrosse, she was awarded a sports scholarship to University of Massachusetts, and has also won awards for tennis and winter track.

16. Oh, And Has An MBA In Finance

Where do the talents end? Not at intellect, certainly – apart from everything else she’s incredible at, she also got an MBA in Finance from Hofstra University. Graduating in the top 10% of her class. Beauty, brains, and brawn. She’s starting to make us feel insecure.

17. But Moved To Law Enforcement To Help People Out

With all of her skills, the world was really her oyster. But after everything, she decided to become a police officer. Why? She thought she would be able to help more people in law enforcement. She has of course, and thanks to her side career she’s helped out us non-criminals too.

18. She Keeps It Professional At Work

It’s a testament to her dedication and willingness to help the community that she keeps her modeling career and police work very, very separate. When she’s on the beat, she ties her hair back and doesn’t wear makeup. And those who think there’s still something about women in uniform clearly haven’t seen Long Island PD’s unflattering blues.

19. But Still Criminals Want To Ask Her Out

One of the most common things she hears at a crime scene is, of course, “you can arrest me anytime!” In fact, she says that being an attractive female officer is beneficial to her work. In a tense situation or confrontation, “their guard is lowered,” she says. “There’s less aggression and the situation is defused.”

20. Now Models For Maxim

Ever since the New York Post article came out this year, she’s had requests from all over the place. She’s done an interview on Fox News NY, and even snagged a coveted photospread at the famous Maxim magazine. Not bad for a beat cop.

21. She’ll Be An Author This Year

How else can Samantha Sepulveda be better than all of us? How about if she wrote a book as well, to be published this year? And made it an inspirational book for young women, so that they can achieve greatness? Would that make you feel any better about your life achievements?

22. She’s Definitely Raised Some Eyebrows

With any kind of raunchy campaigns like these, you’re sure to ruffle a few feathers. So yes, some moralizers have raised eyebrows and tut-tutted over her racy photoshoots and seeming double standards. But Sepulveda says that’s not what her photos are about at all. What she does, she says, aims to “celebrate a woman’s body.”

23. But Her Colleagues Are Fine With It

Everyone at the force doesn’t care one bit. Like we said earlier, a lot of them are moonlighting themselves in other professions. And since her work ethic and record is exemplary, they’re both proud of her and happy to have her watching their backs.

24. She Wants To Stay A Cop

No matter how much publicity she gets, or how famous her face and body become, she’s not planning on giving up her police work any time soon. To anyone who asks, she’s said the same thing: helping peole will always stay her number-one priority. Sepulveda says she’s incredibly proud of what she and her fellow officers do. So are we, guys.

25. Also, She Has Some Good Advice

For everyone out there who doesn’t agree with her lingerie career, or think there’s something wrong with a person utilizing their body for money (let’s face it, it’s not much different than being a lumberjack), Samantha Sepulveda has some sage advice. “If people find the (photos) offensive, close your eyes!” Can’t, won’t, and don’t want to!