She is 70 years old and never went to a doctor! What is her secret? Drink this tea three times a week!

The elderly individuals more often than not put more confidence in normal cures rather than the medication. They tend to cure their issues with herbs, flavors and roots. This lady shared her mystery – It is the oregano tea.

For instance, oregano oil is exceptionally solid and even one drop is adequate to apply its healing impact in different purposes. What’s more, the oregano has basic vitamins and minerals, and has germ-free, mitigating and different properties.

Oregano tea conveys numerous medical advantages, for example,

Enhancing dissemination

Enhancing assimilation

Counteracting irritation

Cell reinforcement impact (which is valuable in the battle against genuine illnesses, for example, malignancy).

Reinforcing bones

Keeping up sound skin and backing off the maturing procedure.



3 tablespoons of new oregano leaves or 1 tablespoon of oregano powder

300 ml of water


Put the water to cook and expel it from warmth when it achieves a breaking point. Pour bubbling water over the oregano and let it stand like that for 10 minutes.

From that point forward, let it chill off and after that include the nectar (the nectar should be included while the water is still hot). Drink the tea three times each week, in the event that you are being dealt with for a sickness drink it 2 times each day, three times each week.