These are the 5 types of vaginas in the world, supposedly

When you really stop to think about it, vaginas are pretty crazy right? Though we have been conditioned by society and our upbringings that our “lady parts” are our delicate little secrets not to be talked about or shared with the world, it’s important that we acknowledge how truly amazing our genitalia is. Not to mention, how different one vagina is to the next. There almost like finger prints, no two are exactly alike.

That being said, thanks to a recent interview with a wax specialist and vagina guru, we have learned that our vaginas can generally be placed into one of five categories. Again, not every vag can be organized in this fashion, but we have to admit this idea is pretty damn interesting.

Elite Daily sat down with a waxing specialist, who after years of seeing thousands of different vagina types, was able to break down 5 major “models”.

these are the 5 types of vaginas in the world supposedly 2 These Are The 5 Types Of Vaginas In The World, Supposedly

Former vag waxing guru Mel, who chooses to remain anonymous out of respect for her clients, spoke to Elite Daily reporter Jamie Leelo about her experiences with a wide variety of female genitalia. Though no two vaginas are ever really the same, Mel shared a handful of categories in which she could place most of her clientele.

She noted, “This isn’t a mathematic algorithm. This is just to help women understand this weird ‘secret’ (the appearance of our vaginas) we keep from our friends and society at large is not as scandalous or peculiar as we may have thought.”

Honestly, we should be talking about vaginas more because they’re pretty fucking AMAZING.

For the sake of clarity, Elite added that though society tends to refer to the entire female pubic area as the “vagina,” the vagina only describes the actual hole and the vulva is the outside visible part, anatomically speaking.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 types of vaginas out there as described by Mel:

1. Ms. Barbie

barbie drawn These Are The 5 Types Of Vaginas In The World, Supposedly

The first shape is what Mel calls the “Ms. Barbie”. The labia majora (outer vagina lips) completely contain the labia minora (inner vagina lips) and both sets rest up against the pelvic bone. She says that this model is what most people envision when they think of a vagina. However, very few people actually look this way and it’s definitely the LEAST common. Hence, the Barbie-inspired title.

2. Ms. Curtains

curtain drawn These Are The 5 Types Of Vaginas In The World, Supposedly

The next vagine is aptly titled “Ms. Curtains” as the the labia minora tends to extend past the labia majora. Depending on the person, this could mean slightly extended or more noticeably so. Mel says this particular shape is the MOST common type of vag she’s come across and is often seen in combination with other types listed in this article.

3. Ms. Puffs

mrs puff drawn These Are The 5 Types Of Vaginas In The World, Supposedly

No, “Ms. Puffs” doesn’t actually refer to the lovable Spongebob character, but she was the first thing that came to our minds. This type of vagina may appear similar to “Ms. Barbie”, but the lips tend to sit much lower and can be either full and puffed up or thin and loose. According to Mel, many people believe this is effected by the age or weight of the woman, but there is no correlation.

4. Ms. Horseshoe

horseshoe drawn These Are The 5 Types Of Vaginas In The World, Supposedly

Mel also describes a shape she calls “Ms. Horseshoe.” In this model, the opening of the vagina is spread wider at the top, exposing the labia minora but it meets and closes off towards the bottom like an upside down horseshoe. The minora typically does not extend past the majora.

5. Ms. Tulip

tulip drawn These Are The 5 Types Of Vaginas In The World, Supposedly

Last, but certainly not least is “Ms. Tulip.”  The flower-inspired vag is said to look like a flower bud about to bloom. The labia minora is slightly exposed throughout the length of the labia majora. Mel says, this is different from Ms. Curtains in that the labia minora are considered “exposed” but also “contained.”

As interesting as all of these aforementioned “categories” are, Mel insists that every vagina should be appreciated for its natural beauty.

“Moral of the story is that every vagina is different, but it shares a sisterhood with all other vaginas, and nobody should feel strange or abnormal. Just because you haven’t met your sister vagina yet, doesn’t mean she isn’t out there,” Mel said.

She also added this wonderful metaphor, “Your vagina is perfect. It’s just like a curtain. You wouldn’t hate your house if it had ugly curtains.”


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