This is what really happens when you crack your knuckles

There is a fluid inside your joints that contains gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. When pressure decreases in the joint, these gasses are freed. The gas bubble that is released by cracking creates that loud popping sound you hear – the one that makes a bystander cringe.

According to Dr. Boutin, a radiologist at the University of California, Davis, cracking your knuckles stretches out your joints. Have you ever noticed a better range of motion in your fingers after cracking your knuckles? This happens because lowering the pressure in your joints allows your fingers to become more flexible.

So, Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad For You?

Nope! Dr. Greg Kawchuk from the University of Alberta explains that people probably assume it’s a bad habit because of that infamous popping noise. There is no evidence to suggest that cracking your knuckles can cause inflammation or arthritis. Studies have also shown that knuckle cracking doesn’t increase joint degeneration.

If you wan to call your mom and tell her you were right, now is the time. While some people may never get used to that knuckle-cracking noise, you’re free to crack away without those mythical health concerns!

Watch the video below for more knuckle-cracking information: