Twins Just Born Think They’re Still In The Womb, Cameras Capture Incredible Thing They Do (video)

Babies have a special relationship with their mothers. Sometimes they grow too cozy inside their mothers’ wombs that even when they are already born, they think that they are still inside their mom’s tummy. This is what happened to a twin and they surely surprised the world with what they did. Babies are blessings to a family, make it double when you have twins! They do not only have a strong connection to their moms, but also with their twin siblings.

A video has been going all over the internet and they have been touching the hearts of every viewer. They are too adorable to resist! The twins are too close to each other that they can’t even let go. These babies were born holding hands! They think that they are still inside their mother’s womb. The newborns were just hugging each other, grabbing each other’s’ hands, never wanting to let go.

Many twins admit that they have strange connection with their other twin. Some parents claim that when the other one feels hurt, the other feels the same. This may sound crazy but it is true that twins have a very very unique and special relationship that no one would be able to understand. Even experts find it hard to explain but in this modern world, we will always feel blessed seeing that this kind of miracle happens.

The video shows that even when the nurse was giving them a special bath in a tub, it seems like they have not adapted to their new environment yet. They closed their eyes and embrace each other. Even though the water is gently running down their faces while being cleaned, this did not surprise them at all. They looked peaceful and content, just holding each other. One of the baby’s arm was around the others’ neck, trying to hug the other twin lightly. The others’ head gently rested on his twins’ chest. Their legs were also all tangled up around each other.

As shown on the video, the nurse continues to clean them as they start moving around, trying to extend their hands. One twin started to yawn, stretched, and at one point one of the twin was clinging onto the others’ finger. The nurse just continued to clean them and she did not try to separate them. She just holds them gently in her hands throughout this very gentle process.

Towards the end of the video, they started opening their mouths, slowly realizing that they are already outside of the womb and they are already in a new environment. Even when they were both done with their baths and covered with towels, they still remain close to each other. This video help us understand the special relationship between twins. With these babies, they clearly enjoyed their time together inside their moms’ womb. They never wanted to let go.

Many viewers believe that they will surely remain close with each other. Their relationship will always be special. Seeing these two newborns being welcomed is such a blessing. As they start to take their breaths in the outside world, they are slowly learning to let go of the comfort that they have been used to for nine months but they won’t have a hard time coping up, they will surely have each others’ backs. Their new lives simply shows how precious they will be for each other.